Conversations with my child, part lots

On trying to explain the concept of "generations"

Mia: "What's a generation?"

Me: "Well, you and Rowan are part of one generation, and Daddy and I are part of another, and Nanny and Grandad are part of another. It's like in levels."

Mia: "So Rowan and me are our own generation?"

Me: "No, more like all the mummies and daddies are one generation, and all the children are another."

Mia: "Oh. Even the boys?"

Me: "Yes..."

Mia pulls "eeew - that's gross" face at the thought of having to share a generation with boys.

Aaah, to be 8 again.
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Believe this shit

(no subject)

Oh. My. God.

On re-reading my last post I realise I have committed a cardinal sin and used an apostrophe in "it's" when it's a possessive pronoun.

(I'm not listening to my spell-checker and spelling realise with a "Z", however. I'm NOT NOT NOT!)

You may kill me now.

Wow - has it really been a year?

Apparently so. My homepage helpfully informs me that I haven't posted for 52 weeks, so I figured it was time for an update/rundown for anyone who's actually still reading this, but mainly's my journal so why the hell not?

So here's What I Have Been Doing the past year, in a random and unstructured way:

  • I'm working 4 days a week as a senior Riding Instructor at a local training yard, which is too much fun, and getting to ride, amongst others, a very sexy ex-event horse called Muppet. My husband thinks it's strange (and a little bit suspect) to call a horse sexy, but he just doesn't Get It so that's HIS problem, not mine. I'm also training as an NVQ assessor which means I get to be a kind of examiner to the student instructors we have training there.

  • Still married, still have the two children although the older one is now 8 and So Nearly a teenager, and the little one is 18 months old, too damn cute for words, and walking and (almost) talking.

  • We've done several Viking/Saxon re-enactment shows and I even got to write my First Proper Script for the last one! Got several compliments from Those Who Know and rather please, actually. :D Two more set for this summer then the Big One (Hastings) in October. Looking forward to it muchly.

  • Still have unhealthy Daniel Jackson obsession. Fear it may be permanent. On the same note, went to Chevron 7 Stargate Con with queenie_of_dark and it was FAR too much fun. ;)

  • Combination of physical job and weightwatchers mean I've lost 2 stone so far (that's, uh, 28lbs or 12ish Kg). When I lose the other 3, I get a dog. Yay!

  • Still haven't written novel/changed the world/become rich and famous due to lack of time (near full-time employment, stupidly time-consuming hobby and two small children) and money, but soon, my pretties -- soon...

  • My reading habits currently consist of Dark Age History reference books or SG1 fic, depending on whether I need to switch my brain either on or off at the time.

  • Now have three ferrets (Brain, Aggie & Frida) and three cats (Radar, Mitten & Bede), although Radar has gone AWOL for the summer. He'll probably turn up when the weather gets bad again. Am also in line for a Chameleon which my friend is having to rehome. It's already named Grendel, so I couldn't really say no - could I?

  • Haven't been mad in a whole year, and have been off the meds for almost a month now with no desire to kill anyone else or myself. Hurrah for lifestyle changes!

  • Still Witching; still loving sci-fi in all it's forms; still trying to take over the world.
  • My friend got a Get Well card from David Tennant after a horse fell on her in a lesson I was teaching. Might be an extreme way to get an autograph, but it just goes to show that good things can come from bad.

  • I do check my friends pages so don't think I've forgotten about you, I just...didn't have much to say for a while so I didn't. Missed you guys though.

    Anyway - that's me. What have YOU been doing? *looks*

    Oooh! I'm tagged!

    I'd almost forgotten what it's like to be tagged...thanks timcharmorbien!

    THE RULES! Each player lists 8 facts or habits about themselves; the rules of the game are to be posted first; at the end of the post, theplayer then tags 8 people.

    1. (Fact) I love animals and would probably rather share my life with them than people. If I could afford it I'd just have a huge menagerie and spend all day with them and not work. I can forgive animals anything. If dingoes ate my baby I'd probably rationalise it that it was the baby's fault somehow.

    2. (Fact) I'm useless at keeping in touch with people. What, you hadn't noticed? :p People I manage to stay friends with are either those who I see every day through work or somesuch, or people who realise that one text message per 6 months is actually my equivalent of hounding them.

    3. (Fact) I can pretty much forgive anyone anything, except myself.

    4. (Fact) I take RPGing WAY too seriously. This is why I periodically stop writing all together. If it's not perfect/interesting/funny/nobelprizewinning enough for me, it don't get posted. This means I don't post often although I am working on this character flaw.

    5. (Habit) I gave up smoking in January because I had to and I miss it every day even now. NEVER let me near anything addictive/hedonistic/fun, because I won't be able to stop.

    6. (Fact) I have an irrational hatred of appostrophe abuse and will claim diminished responsibility if I ever get caught murdering a greengrocer because he sells "mango's"

    7. (Fact) I don't understand emotional blackmail, people being deliberately manipulative or psychic vampirism. In fact I'm not very good with emotions period; I find them all terribly girly. Get thee behind me, emo-Satan!

    8. (Fact) I'm the only person I know who manages to lose weight whilst being pregnant and gain it afterwards. I haven't dieted because I'm too damn lazy and I like food. There, I've said it. I will get around to it, but it usually takes me about 6 months from having the idea/thinking I ought to, to actually DOING it. I'll get there eventually - like continental drift.

    Tag: queenie_of_dark, mazz666, jinxle, zappo, morpheus and anyone else who hasn't been tagged yet and wants to play.
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    A week full of stuff

    The two troublesome trustees have resigned so that I can go back to work. Also, my assistant Stuart said he'd spent too long breaking me in to start with another boss, so I *have* to go back. It's scary to realise so many people are on my side, but very very nice.

    We joined a Dark Ages re-enactment society last weekend - Go Saxons! Our first show will be in October at Hastings (yes, THAT Hastings), so we have until then to make costumes and props, learn combat and tablet weaving, and come up with Saxon names. The group is going to specialise in East Saxons circa 600CE as there was a Saxon King's burial (possibly Sebert, who's mentioned in the Anglo Saxon Chronicle) discovered just down the road from us in Prittlewell a couple of years ago so we're going to be Sebert's Folk. Apparently people usually have at least 2 characters of different races because you can't have a reconstructed battle with only one side, so we're going to have a bash at Vikings too.

    Now all I need is a horse so I can lord it over the Normans with my newly purchased sexy Saxon sword.

    Talking of camping, we're going to a festival tomorrow night! Yay! Lawrie's band is playing and I get to relive my mis-spent youth. Well, partly, because we're taking Mia as a treat for being such a big girl and being so nice to her baby sister. I have to buy her ear defenders though because as Lawrie says - it's going to be LOUD.

    Baby's getting teeth and has been going "wah wah" for the past 24 hours. On top of that my sister-in-law is coming to "help" me do the housework - for help read bitch about everyone and everything in the family constantly and repetitively regardless of anything I say. Oh Joy.
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    Two phonecalls...

    ...asking me to come back. I managed to say no! Go me!

    Am now completely unemployed and also (as I worked for my mother-in-law) in danger of causing a major family rift.

    However, since my hubby's on my side and this has been coming for at least 7 years, there's just a funny sense of almost-relief...

    *smells the roses*

    Like timcharmorbien said - all the more time for World Domination!

    Except my cat lost his diamante collar. DAMN HIM!!!
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    (no subject)

    I fed my snake today!!! Er, Mia's snake, natch. Even though we all felt sorry for the little dead baby mouse, it's WAY cool when he dislocates his jaw and swallows the thing whole. As soon as the camera is charged, photo's will follow...